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Steven & Sophia
Steven & Sophia

SOPHIA, SOlar PHotovoltaic Is Awesome,

is a little ghost teaching children how to share the solar power.


Thanks to a modified strip, the little ghost can reach the chosen station and gather some energy that will be brought to the other characters present on the lower scene.

On Sophia’s strip there are some OPV, organic photovoltaic, panels, flexible and light panels used to gather and transport the energy to the base.


The construction of the whole structure required 30 hours of 3D printing, 200 m of wiring, one Arduino Mega, 7 hours of welding and 14 hours of programming.

STEVEN, SOlar Tracking Empowers Vibrant Energies,

is a robot teaching children how to have fun with the solar power.


The robot has been programmed to accumulate the light from the correct station, from which it gathers energy which is then used to make the robot dance.

Steven has been realized by laser cutting and engraving LSC sheets which are transparent plastic panels able to convoy on the edges of the sheet the collected light. This energy can be gathered thanks to miniature photovoltaic cells.


Due to the big dimensions of Steven’s body and of the working space, 300 m of wiring, one Arduino Mega, 6 hours of welding and 18 hours of programming were required.