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Lavoriamoci Su!
Lavoriamoci Su!


Valerio wants to raise craftsmen awareness of that technology because it seems distant from their world but can be a really useful tool also for them.


Orobouros is a famous symbol of cyclicality, representing the theory of continuous return for which everything finds a new beginning starting from its end. This line of projects is based on the possibility of finding new functions to waste products and materials, combined with 3D printed components. In this way it's possible to reuse waste materials, avoiding less environmentally sustainable practices such as recycling or even landfill disposal, creating unexpected and surprising new configurations.

Art and graphics

The project investigates a possible link between 3D printing and arts. The artisan nature of FDM 3D printing is perfect to underline and valorize differences and shades between series and unique piece, between digital and analog, between perfect performance and checked error.


Lithophane is a very old technique, which consists in decorating porcelain or glass in order to obtain special light and transparency effects.

For the 50th anniversary of Giulio Natta's Nobel Prize for Chemistry, we realized these 3D printed litophanes based on some pictures taken from Natta's historical archive, gifting them to Milan's Museum of Science and Technology.

Thanks to the collaboration with the photographer Rosanna Maiolino we are investigating how we can improve this technique, adjusting the post-production of the picture and the 3D print parameters. (www.rosannamaiolino.com)