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Il senso della Z
Il senso della Z

The thesis is part of a new revolutionary context: Desktop Manufacturing.The technology behind this process is the FMD (Fusion Deposition Modeling). Since its creation, FDM has grown to become one of the main processes used in the industrial world, nowadays it has also become a phenomenon of domestic production. We are witnessing the application of 3D printing from creating prototypes only to the realization of real objects and opening new perspectives. 


Having explored the context, the actors and technical features of 3D printing, the study proposes a taxonometric study in order of providing guidelines and design ideas useful to the design in its broadest sense, highlighting the potentiality of this technology. The study is carried out on several levels, creating a dialogue between the engineering and design proprieties.


The latter are considered extremely important in the expressive-sensory quality of the product, and the control of those qualities has been explored in this thesis by creating the 3Dteca: 158 samples and 494 sensory evaluation organized in three-dimensional systems controlling 14 different parameters.