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Fare o non fare. Non esiste provare. Cosa e perché stampare in 3D
Fare o non fare. Non esiste provare. Cosa e perché stampare in 3D

The book talks about 3D printing,

and as 3D printing, it has 3 Dimensions. The first, you read, the second, you look, the third you print in 3D, indeed.

The first dimension is made of words. Words telling the first 3 years of +LAB, the 3D printing laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano. Words that are creativity, fantasy, dream, emotion, friendship, school, materials, research, amazement, invention, technique, craftsmanship, industry, present, future, and lot more.

The second dimension is made of images. Beautiful images, intense, clean, sincere. Images of people, hundreds of people, drawings, projects, products, thousand of products, things, eyes, hands, smiles, how many smiles, in these years looked for each others, chased, met, amused, hugged, and together contributed - hopefully - to give a new "form" to making.

The third dimension is made of bits. The third dimension stands from the intrinsic bidimensionality of these pages. Thanks to QR code magic, and the possibility of downloading all the printing files of all products of our story from +LAB website, the third dimension augment the reality, it oversteps it, allowing everyone having the curiosity and the will to get thrilled by giving a tangible shape to those word and those images, to print all the products described in this book with any 3D printer.

To conclude, or better, to duly start: honor to Z. Because if we are here, is mainly her merit.