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Città in 3D
Città in 3D

The MiniMi offers the possibility to have the reproductions of the most important buildings of Milan everywhere in the world by simply downloading a file from the web. 

These works are useful for educational purposes in history, art and architecture topics. The 3-dimensional models were developed to be realized with FDM low-cost printers, therefore excluding unnecessary details that are not easily obtainable. It is possible to apply the same fundamental principles of

The project started by categorizing the monuments of Milano, the most important and iconic ones were given priority. The reproduction of each monument required information on the dimensions and the proportions of the composing elements. The scale was not fixed: the main objective was to obtain objects with a size that allowed both the printing on the available FDM printers and a possible following exposition of the whole series.The evaluation of dimensions was performed by searching public information on the Web, in particular maps, perspective drawings and photos, Google Earth and Google Maps. The last one was essential due to Street View and the ability to create a 3-D model of the buildings. The models were obtained by using entirely the CAD AutoDesk software. This software is not specific for the reproduction of buildings but allows the production of models with tunable details thanks to his parametric behavior.

Objects were printed with white PLA with a Delta Wasp 20x40 printer. All the models were properly designed and it is possible to easily print them everywhere in the world with a low-cost Desktop printer, especially for